Saturday, 24 January 2015

DIY Clay Bead Copper Necklace

I have always had a love of DIY and Craft. Always decorating or constructing something when I was a wee little thing : )

So as part of the White Forest Home business, I have decided to start posting some fun DIY projects to help you get those creative juices flowing...

I find creating quite meditative and I think it can help you feel good about yourself in achieving something no matter how big or small...

So the first project is making Clay Copper Beads...

What you will need - 

- Foil BBQ Tray
- I used Fimo Clay in Soft. I made 6 medium beads out of 56g. Get Oven Baked Clay.
- Skewers for holes in beads
- Rolling Pin
- Copper Acyllic Paint
- Modge Podge for sealant
- Cord for necklace. Can be something else like leather or a chain
- Scissors
- Small Foam Brush for Paint and Modge Podge
- Small Plastic Cups

Step 1 - Use Rolling Pin to soften your Clay
Step 2 - Mould your beads. I rolled these within the palms of my Hands.
Step 3 - Once you have completed the beads - Use a Skewer and make a whole through the center of the beads
Step 4 - Place them on the Foil Tray gently so they don't make a mark and place in oven for around 30 mins at 130 degrees - read your heating instructions as they may vary for your particular Clay

Step 5 - Cool and leave for 1 Hour
Step 6 - Using your Foam Brush and skewers - Place the beads on the skewers and Paint them with Acyllic paint of your choice - mine is Copper in colour.
Step 7 - Let them Dry. Do another Coat of Paint.

Step 8 - Let them dry and then coat them with Modge Podge to seal the paint. Make sure you don't get the beads stuck to the Skewer - move them around after the Modge Podge.
Step 9 - Let them dry and once Dry, grab your necklace and thread through. We used a slip knot which can be found on Youtube if you search it.

Step 10 - Finito - enjoy your necklace...

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