Saturday, 24 January 2015

DIY Clay Bead Copper Necklace

I have always had a love of DIY and Craft. Always decorating or constructing something when I was a wee little thing : )

So as part of the White Forest Home business, I have decided to start posting some fun DIY projects to help you get those creative juices flowing...

I find creating quite meditative and I think it can help you feel good about yourself in achieving something no matter how big or small...

So the first project is making Clay Copper Beads...

What you will need - 

- Foil BBQ Tray
- I used Fimo Clay in Soft. I made 6 medium beads out of 56g. Get Oven Baked Clay.
- Skewers for holes in beads
- Rolling Pin
- Copper Acyllic Paint
- Modge Podge for sealant
- Cord for necklace. Can be something else like leather or a chain
- Scissors
- Small Foam Brush for Paint and Modge Podge
- Small Plastic Cups

Step 1 - Use Rolling Pin to soften your Clay
Step 2 - Mould your beads. I rolled these within the palms of my Hands.
Step 3 - Once you have completed the beads - Use a Skewer and make a whole through the center of the beads
Step 4 - Place them on the Foil Tray gently so they don't make a mark and place in oven for around 30 mins at 130 degrees - read your heating instructions as they may vary for your particular Clay

Step 5 - Cool and leave for 1 Hour
Step 6 - Using your Foam Brush and skewers - Place the beads on the skewers and Paint them with Acyllic paint of your choice - mine is Copper in colour.
Step 7 - Let them Dry. Do another Coat of Paint.

Step 8 - Let them dry and then coat them with Modge Podge to seal the paint. Make sure you don't get the beads stuck to the Skewer - move them around after the Modge Podge.
Step 9 - Let them dry and once Dry, grab your necklace and thread through. We used a slip knot which can be found on Youtube if you search it.

Step 10 - Finito - enjoy your necklace...

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Some Lovely Instagram shots from our friends...

Instagram is such a great resource. If you are not on it - you definitely should be. It has opened up so many new worlds and experiences for me and the business.
New friends, a like minded community and great photos to be inspired by everyday. Here are some of my fav's featuring our wonderful WFH Prints...
All are credited through my account -
Hope you feel inspired like me...
Anastasia x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New CUSTOM Garlands

Our Prints have been sold right around the world.
We have stockists in Australia, New Zealand and now the US. So exciting times to come for the WFH brand.
In the meantime, I have been wanting to work on some new products as it's time we expanding our range.
My son's name is unique and therefor very hard to find items for his bedroom with the correct spelling on his name! 
An Aha moment later and this is what I came up with - Custom Made Felt Garlands....
I love colour as you know and this is a great combination to expand the range.

The words do not have to be your child's name - they could be a saying or lovely quote you want around the house. Anything really. Imagine what you could have that no-one else has..

We sell these now online - Custom Felt Garland

Prices start from $25 so get your skates on...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January 2015 #7vignettes

The wonderful Jen from Interiors Addict @interiorsaddict is somewhat a genius! Organising a monthly fun community that share inspirational instagram pics from all walks of life. 

Starting a few years ago - there has been over 50,000 pics snapped for this lovely #7vignettes.

I decided to partake in this January's colourful event and lucky for me the theme was colours which is right up my alley.

So below is my first entry for the #7vignettes.
The 7 themes were Sparkle, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Rainbow and Black & White.

Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making them.
Anastasia x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Pink Marble Love...

So I love the Marble Trend right now. So thought I would work on some artwork. Initially a black and white piece and a pink piece.
The B&W is in development, however attached below is the Pink Marble Print. Available online now -
I love doing this free style type of work. Hope you like it too!
Anastasia - Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Styling By Redagape

I have been a busy little bee. I seem to have the creative bug starting a new year with lots of new ideas for product and the White Forest Home business.

Also been a wonderful start to the New Year with lovely styling of our prints by Amanda from Redagape

She has a pretty little guesthouse in Millthorpe, NSW and is also a wonderful stylist and crafter. Love her Instagram feed  as well - 

So attached below is some of her handy work! Thanks Amanda!
Anastasia x